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Zone 1A of Thiès thanks SenMobile

December 2011

SenMobile provided sports fans with an SMS service to get live scores and information on top scoring players of the Nawetaans, which are local Senegalese winter league soccer tournaments. Users also cast votes for their favorite teams and players, and sent comments. The SMS service was coupled with a website popular in Senegal and for the Senegalese diaspora.

Through this initiative, SenMobile covered more than 250 games in Thiès and gathered all the data of the games, scores, and players for future use and analysis.

The ODCAV and ORCAV (Organisation Départemental / Régionale de Coordination des Activités de Vacances) and the associated zones thanked SenMobile for its work on Nawetaans. This certificate is token of appreciation from Zone 1A of Thiès to SenMobile.