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SMS Services

The SenMobile team has extensive experience in providing SMS services. Our existing ground-breaking SMS services are widely used and praised by users.

We can design and implement SMS services that will fit your specific needs in areas as diverse as mobile learning, mobile marketing, and mobile voting. We provide you with a dedicated short code.

Our portfolio includes:

SMS Pharma (de Garde)

SMS Pharma provides information on pharmacies that are open at night or during the weekend. Users just have to send the keyword pharma and the name of their city (or neighborhoods for larger cities) to get this vital information in seconds. SMS Pharma is currently available in 15 cities in Senegal: Dakar (2 neighborhoods: Dakar Centre 1 and Dakar Plateau 1), Guediawaye, Kaolack, Kolda, Louga, Mbour, Pikine, Thiès, Saly, St Louis, Tamba, Thiaroye, Tivaouane, Yeumbeul and Ziguinchor.

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SMS Nawetaan

SMS Nawetaan provides live scores of soccer tournament games of Thiès in Senegal and information on top scoring players. Users can also cast votes for their favorite teams and players, and send comments. The SMS service is coupled with a Web site ( that is very popular in Senegal and with the Senegalese diaspora. In 2011, SMS Nawetaan covered over 250 games in Thiès. In 2012, we plan to expand the service to cover Dakar and Mbour in addition to Thiès.

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Nawetaan SMS

SMS SopeyValentin

SMS SopeyValentin is a fun service for Valentine's Day where users can send personalized art to their valentine.

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