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What mobile phone do you own?
SenMobile: Empowering people with mobile solutions

Nearly 90% of all phones in Africa are mobiles phones and by the end of 2012 there will be 735 million of mobile subscribers in Africa. There are almost more mobile devices than humans on the planet. Mobile technology has the potential to impact the life of people in Africa and around the world in positive and unprecedented ways. It will not solve all the problems but it can solve some!

SenMobile is a technology startup that specializes in innovative mobile solutions targeting the general population. We are currently providing solutions focusing on mobile learning for children in kindergarten, mobile health with a solution for pharmacies, mobile entertainment (sports), and mobile accounting with solutions for small businesses.

We believe in empowering people with immediate local content via mobile to improve productivity and transparency, and ignite and sustain passion.

Established in Senegal, we are a team of dedicated developers that creates local and global solutions.